Naturual Choice Floors-KahrsKahrs have always worked with wood, and this is something that has developed into a 150-year love story. Today they are the world’s oldest wood floor manufacturer still in business.

“As the world shrinks, and the wheel turns ever faster, roots become even more important. Our strong belief in craftsmanship that has distinguished us right from the start is deeply rooted.”

This means that the high quality they stand for is represented in every single piece of wood that they produce.

Please visit our dedicated Kahrs showroom to view the huge range of floors available. Kahrs is particularly recommended for use with under floor heating, offering a guarantee backed up by their superb customer service. Many wood floor manufacturers will say that their wooden engineered floors are suitable for under floor heating, and will not back it up with a guarantee. Kahrs will guarantee their floors with underfloor heating. A guarantee you cannot get anywhere else.

Click here to view the comprehensive flooring guide from Kahrs. This will help you make the perfect choice of flooring to compliment your living space.

Concerned about the environment. Click here to read the sustainability report for Kahrs.