It’s often a misconception that wood floors bought on the internet can save money. Here’s five ways that it can leave you out of pocket, inconvenienced or disappointed.

Every week we are phoned or visited by customers who bought flooring online and have run into difficulties.  Little bit cheeky but we always try to help where we can.  We usually discover that we could have supplied a product at a similar price with premium guarantees and all the support that you would expect from a long established retailer.  These are the main issues that we hear about:

1. Not as you thought it would be.

Most of our customers have an idea of the look that they want to achieve for their home which becomes further complicated when faced with the wide array of choice available, especially when at first glance, the boards look very similar.  Always try to go to a store to feel the wood rather than look at pictures.  Although you can order a sample from an internet supplier, this will never be representative of the variation that can occur.  Look at the two pictures below.  These are both taken from different areas of the Antique Rye floor currently laid in our showroom. Any 6 inch sample taken from this floor would be misleading of the overall look. The sample will also not be oiled or exposed to light so will change over time.

2. Buying on price without understanding why it’s cheaper.

The wear layer, overall thickness and the under-core all have a bearing on the quality and durability of your flooring. This cannot be seen from pictures and often the effects won’t be seen until long after installation. If you are buying for a temporary look while selling a house, this may not be important but if you plan on making it your home for a long time, you will not want to be pay out for new flooring again when it delaminates, separates or has wear areas that cannot be repaired.

3. Not checking for matching accessories.

When you buy flooring whether online or from a shop, check that matching accessories such as threshold strips, skirting and stair nosing are available if you will require them. It’s too late to shop for them once the floor is installed and you are unable to match the colour. Paying for bespoke will either negate any savings you may have made or you will live with a compromise that will spoil the look that you were hoping to achieve.

4. Not understanding the fitting method.

A common complaint is separation of the boards.  The new click systems are very reliable in stability.  Often the cheaper boards are tongue and groove which has nothing to keep the boards together unless you glue them.  Once they separate, there is little you can do other than reinstall them using glue.

5. Not ordering enough.

When you make your initial order, no doubt delivery will be free but if you find that you are short of boards you will have to order another pack which will be unlikely to meet the requirements for free delivery. Plus the added inconvenience of the job being held up or worse, stock not being available.

A floor that you love every time you look at it costs the same as one that you tolerate. The only difference is the effort you put into your research.  Come in and see us. We’re friendly, helpful and there’s no obligation. We may surprise you.

Avoid Costly Mistakes by Visiting a Showroom to See Large Samples.

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